Health, Safety, Environment and Security Policy

It is Galcon's Policy that all operations should be carried out at all times in such a way as to ensure that the health, safety, environment and security of all employees and all persons likely to be affected by its operations including subcontractors, clients and the general public are safeguarded and that the same dedication will be shown to the protection and conservation of the environment.

This policy is the direct responsibility of the company's senior management, who are accountable to the board of directors for the implementation of this policy.
Within Galcon, safety, health, environment and security matters are line management responsibility for which every individual will be held accountable; and it is recognised that the implementations of this policy by line management will lead to greater efficiency and higher standards throughout all units and departments within the company.

Every Galcon's staff and subcontractors must plan and perform his or her work in accordance with in accordance with this policy.  Any  activity, which by the opinion of the management cannot be executed in this manner, must be suspended and reported immediately to the relevant supervisor.

Galcon is committed to work within the regulations and codes of practices laid down by Decree and Government orders and liaise closely with all government departments as well as professionals and academic bodies to ensure the improvement of all HSES legislation.

It is the company's policy to run appropriate training for all GALCON's staff and contractors' personnel to ensure that GALCON's procedures and government's regulations are know and observed.